Studentenaustausch mit Madrid?

Mich erreichte eine Anfrage von der Universität Carlos III, Madrid, Department of Library Science and Documentation.

Es geht darum, dass zwei spanische Studierende gern ein Semester am IB studieren würden. Um einen bilateralen SOKRATES-Vertrag abzuschließen, müssten sich nun auch zwei von unseren Studierenden für einen Studienaufenthalt in Madrid finden. Interessenten melden sich bitte umgehend bei mir. Hier der email-Text einschl. links zur Information:

Dear Mrs Pannier:
My name is Tony Hernández and I’m the Socrates coordinator and head of the department of Library Science and Documentation (Information Science) at the University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain). We are the biggest department in Spain, about 120 staff and we are well known in our country with a national special recognition of quality for our PhD program. I write you because we would like to make some Socrates agreement with your Institut. We have been trying through the International Office of Humboldt University but you know what happens, sometimes the fax and the postal letters have no effect without a real interests from the centres. So, I write you to know your interest about the proposal of agreement for the exchange of two students for the next year.

Although we are now changing our studies plan to Bologne you can take a look at our english version of the plan at: or a wider look of our university (public) at

Yours sincerely
Tony Hernández

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