Ideenwettbewerb zum Digital Publishing

Frankfurt Academy (part of the Frankfurt Book Fair) and the Goethe-Unibator (Center for Entrepreneurship at the Goethe University of Frankfurt) announce the 2013 Digital Publishing Creative Ideas Contest. The Call for Contributions is now open.

We are seeking creative ideas in the area of Digital Publishing:
There is tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the transformations taking place in the publishing industry. Value propositions in publishing are changing as well as new technological possibilities. The need to find ways to capture value from content is driving change. Capturing value is what innovation is all about.

We are expecting contributions which:
1. Investigate – Needs
What is the primary goal, challenge or problem?
2. Create – Ideas
What might be changed or improved?

To submit your ideas please follow the link:
In order to access the submission platform please enter the invitation code: digital2013

Please remember: We only accept PDF documents with max. 2 A4 pages.
Deadline: 15th August 2013

A jury of experts of the Goethe-Unibator will select the top most creative ideas according to sustainable new business models, innovative use of technology and industry and society impact. The ideas will then be presented at he forthcoming Frankfurt Book Fair (October 9th-13th).

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