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Der Text verrät den Standort: Eine Studie zur toponymischen Analyse von Bloginhalten

A correct result was defined as being when the extracted geographic focus subsumed the blog’s true location, or was within 100 miles of it. We had 295 matches out of 481 usable results for 61% accuracy. For the 295 matches, the average distance from the extracted location to the known location was 50.8 miles. Das [...]

Web 3.0 für Eilige, erklärt von Allen Cho

What is most confusing is the difference between the Semantic Web and Web 3.0 – both are conceptual entities. However, rather than competing spaces they should be viewed as successive layers that are developing. By adding the semantic web to Web 2.0, we move conceptually closer to web 3.0. meint Allen Cho, der seine Sicht [...]