Persuasive 2012: Design for health and safety

ist der Titel der nächsten internationalen Konferenz zum Thema Persuasive Technology, die im Juni in Linköping (in Schweden) stattfinden wird.

“…The 7th International Conference on Persuasive Technology (Persuasive 2012) will build on the successful prior conferences held at Eindhoven, Stanford, Oulu, Copenhagen, Claremont, and Columbus. The conference will feature the latest insights into how mobile and internet-based applications such as mobile games and social networking sites can be designed to influence behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. The conference is expected to gather researchers, practitioners, and students who are interested in networking, presenting, discussing and reflecting on central themes associated with persuasive computing and design. …”

Beiträge werden noch bis zum 6. Januar 2012 gesucht, Vorschläge können auf der Website der Konferenz eingereicht werden.

weitere Details in der Ausschreibung

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