Die digitale Krankenakte, vielleicht demnächst bei Google

Mayer said personal health records might be stored on a keychain-sized digital storage dongle and protected by passwords. This would allow a consumer to travel around the world and supply their medical records to local doctors in a secure fashion.

Google möchte sich nun auch in der Verwaltung von digitalen Patientenakten engagieren. Die Geschäftsidee lag gewissermaßen in der Statistik, genauer: in der Auswertung des Nutzerverhaltens:

Mayer said engineers stumbled onto Google’s potential role in the field by noticing the number of searches users perform with its Web search services for hard-to-diagnose health problems, often simply by typing symptoms into a Web browser.

So meldet es Reuters: Google says working to solve health record dilemma

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