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Call for Research Papers and Demos – TPDL 2011

Over the last years, Digital Libraries have taken over a central role in our society. The process of acquiring, creating, processing, retrieving, disseminating, and using knowledge, information, data and metadata has undergone and still continues to undergo significant changes. This includes an ever increasing public access to on-line resources, an evolution in the amount and [...]

Call for Participation: Information Interaction in Context IIiX 2010

Call for Participation: Information Interaction in Context IIiX 2010, New Brunswick, NJ ============================== Information Interaction in Context 2010 http://www.iiix2010.org/ ============================== [Early bird registration: July 31, 2010] [Conference August 18-22, 2010] Conference program: http://www.iiix2010.org/program/ The Information Interaction in Context conference ( IIiX ) explores the relationships between and within the contexts that affect information retrieval and [...]

Will it kill Google? No. Erste Eindrücke zu Wolfram|Alpha im ReadWriteWeb

Alpha, however, will probably be a worthy challenger for Wikipedia and many textbooks and reference works. Instead of looking up basic encyclopedic information there, users can just go to Alpha instead, where they will get a direct answer to their question, as well as a nicely presented set of graphs and other info. Schon endlos [...]