Kurt Vonnegut, im Library Journal

He went on to talk about libraries and their social function, and again displayed an optimistic attitude. “They’re at least as good as television,” he drawled laconically. He sees no danger that books will become tools of a lost art. “People read as much, or more, than they ever did.” His own early experiences with libraries appear to have been quite positive: “I discovered and read all of O. Henry’s stories going through the library when I was a kid,” an adventure which he says was “like sticking your prick into a light socket.” So it goes.

Im Jahr 1973 traf sich das Library Journal mit dem einzigartigen Kurt Vonnegut und veröffentlicht den damaligen Report aus gegebenem Anlass noch einmal: An Interview with Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

(via librarian.net)

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