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Das Berufsbild Bibliothekar, mit Update in der New York Times

“You can read magazines, newspapers, pictures, computer programs, Web sites,” Ms. Rosalia said. “You can read anything you like to, but you have to read. Is that a deal?” Egal was? Na ja. Wer es zielgerichteter mag und nicht aus allem einen Deal machen möchte,  kann heute einfach so mal zur New York Times greifen. [...]

Informationsvergesellschaftung und die Rolle der Bibliotheken

Libraries will continue to play many of the roles they have always played: circulation of materials in all formats; a place to learn how to find and use information; a “community center” for socialization, programs and exhibitions; and a place to get special services around English as a second language, job preparation skills, etc. Crucially, [...]