Bis 30. Mai werden Nominierungen für den Dran Award angenommen. Eine Auszeichnung in Erinnerung an Raymond F. Von Dran (früherer Direktor der School of Information Studies, Syracuse University) wurde von den iSchools ins Leben gerufen um besondere Leistungen im Bereich “Information” auszuzeichen.

Weitere Informationen:

The iSchools will present an award in memory of Ray von Dran, the former dean of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, at the 2010 iConference. The award is intended to recognize leadership in the field of information, broadly construed; the award will also seek to recognize those leaders who share some of von Dran’s personal qualities: humor, kindness, collaborative spirit, mentoring, and high standards for oneself and for others.
Deadline: May 30, 2009. Submit nominations at

Award winners will receive $5,000 and expenses to attend the next iSchools conference, at which they will be asked to share their visions of the field in a public presentation. These presentations will be collected on this site.

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