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Steal This Research Paper!

…He and Brown realized that it would be immensely helpful to cross-reference their data against the existing scientific literature. Conveniently, the Stanford library had recently launched HighWire Press, the first digital repository for journal articles. “We marched down there and told them what we wanted to do, and could we have these papers,” Eisen recalls. [...]

1. Internationaler Open Access Tag

Wie die Informationsplattform Open-Access.net berichtet, findet am 14. Oktober 2008 der 1. Internationale Open Access Tag statt. Veranstalter sind SPARC, PLoS und Students for free culture. Auch Studierende sind aufgerufen, sich am Open Access Tag zu beteiligen. Weitere Informationen zur Teilnahme und Organisation gibt es über die Seite der Kampagne.

Was tun mit späten Peers: Anreizsysteme für pünktliches Reviewing, in der Diskussion

“Reviewers that turn in their reviews late are punished, whereas those that arrive on time are rewarded”. They suggest that “for every day since receipt of the manuscript for review plus the number of days past the deadline, the reviewer’s next personal submission to the journal will be held in editorial limbo for twice as [...]