HGS Workshop “Knowledge Management or Management of Ignorance”? (9./10.7. im Grimm-Zentrum der HU)

Am 9. und 10. Juli 2015 veranstaltet die Humboldt Graduate School (HGS) jeweils von 10-15 Uhr (Grimm-Zentrum der HU Berlin, Raum 9.538) einen Workshop zum Thema “Knowledge Management or Management of Ignorance” mit folgendem Ankündigungstext: “In the permanently increasing flood of information knowledge management seems to be the appropriate lifebelt concerning research and scholarship. But how could knowledge management be defined and implemented? Is knowledge management our best approach to survive facing the amount of published materials? Or does knowledge management indicate the state of ignorance affecting all of us as members of the information society? Knowledge management is rooted in classifying and systematizing knowledge. Knowledge management includes methods and strategies to identify or to search for reliable knowledge. Finally knowledge management is a necessary requirement to organize the running research work and the publication of research results. The workshop will discuss knowledge management from the main idea, the background and the development of different perspectives.

Das Programm ist in diesem pdf zu finden.

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